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Interview with a Samara resident about the current situation in Russia

In connection with the fiercely anti-Russian propaganda of the West, we interviewed Sergei Melnikov, a student who comes from a worker-intellectual family from Samara. He agreed to give his and his compatriots point of view on current events in Russia and the world.

V: It has been some time since the conflict began. To begin with, I’d like to ask you about the economic question whether and how hard the West’s sanctions have hit you and your countrymen?

S:If we talk about the consequences for the ordinary population, of course, prices in stores have increased, but only for those goods that were imported from Western countries. Thanks to the policy of import substitution, prices for many goods have increased only slightly. Of course, there was news about the rise in sugar and salt prices, but most likely it was an informational stuffing to destabilize the situation in Russia. Due to the artificially created shortage and panic, sugar and salt prices have increased several times, but at the moment prices have stabilized. There are some problems with office paper: prices have risen strongly, there is a possibility that the type of paper will change. The store used to issue a check every time, but now some stores have begun to send a check in electronic form, and if necessary, then in paper.

V: the Western world portrays Russians as stupefied dark masses by the Kremlin’s so-called propaganda. In view of the fact that more than 80% of Russians support the actions of the authorities. What do you think about presenting you and your compatriots in such a light?

S: Of course, there is an information war going on now. In this regard, hatred of Russians has increased very much (not even depending on political views). Talking about “Kremlin propaganda” is stupid, because there is a very strong propaganda going on in the West. Thus, the Western media dig themselves a hole. As for the attitude of Russians to a lot of hate – it’s familiar. Since Soviet times, the West has been regarded as an enemy, and the same mood exists now. Therefore, Russians do not pay much attention to this hatred.

V: How do you think the mood of Russians is? Can you meet people who support the side of the Kiev junta?

S: There may be traitors in every country, Russia is no exception. In my view, Russians are divided into three types: ultra-patriot (who inserts the symbols Z and V everywhere), patriot (who supports the war, but does not participate in the information war), liberal (this type of people has existed for a long time, they supported Navalny’s rallies and are trying in every way to force Putin to resign as president). Liberals mostly support Ukraine in the war with Russia, there are even traitors who form military detachments with a white-blue-white flag (which, according to them, is the flag of “Free Russia”, there is something similar to the flag of the Belarusian People’s Republic, which is terrorist on the territory of Belarus). In my environment, unfortunately, there are those who stand on the side of Ukraine. But there are also those who support a special military operation.

V: How do you assess the chances of victory for Russia and the People’s Republics in this conflict?

S: The Western media talk about the “victory of Ukraine” and the “defeat of Russia”, but it sounds stupid, doesn’t it? Every day Russia is advancing into the territory of Ukraine. The proof is the formation of the encirclement of troops at Lisichansk. If Ukraine still has its own weapons, then there are too few of them. Ukraine is supported only by the help of Western countries. This is comparable to the war against NATO on Ukrainian territory. In addition to the Ukrainian troops, volunteers from many countries of the world are also operating, which is why Russia is moving so slowly. At the same time, the purpose of the special military operation is the extermination of Nazi and nationalist groups in Ukraine. “The Ukrainian side can stop everything before the end of the current day. We need an order for nationalist units and the Ukrainian military to lay down their arms, fulfill Russia’s conditions… The special operation is going according to plan and achieving its goals,” Peskov said during a conference call. The confidence in Russia’s victory is undeniable.

V: We hear a lot about refugees in Poland. It is known that some of them went not to the West, but to Russia and Belarus. How are they treated by local Russians?

S: Of course, we, Russians and Belarusians, treat our brothers from Ukraine kindly. This evacuation has been taking place since 2014, refugees are provided with all kinds of assistance, housing and even benefits from the government. The Ukrainian side closed the borders with the Russian Federation, so those wishing to leave for Russia could not do so in peacetime, and now, civilians who want to leave Ukraine and switch to the Russian side are being shot in the territories controlled by Ukraine.

V: How do you assess the informal alliance between Russia and China? It is known that as a result of sanctions there has been a strengthening not only of diplomatic, but also economic relations between the two countries.

S:China has been our ally since 2014. In Soviet times there were tense relations, but mostly it depended on the USSR. At the moment, Russia and China have many common goals and an enemy in the form of the United States. Although China is an ally, Chinese companies, fearing sanctions, are leaving Russia, but this does not reflect the attitude of the Chinese government towards Russia.

V: How do you and other Russians assess the possibility of annexing the territory of Novorossiya to the Russian Federation?

S: To be honest, I would like Novorossiya to remain independent, but loyal to the Russian Federation. I have a friend in the city of Snezhny, in the DNR. When I discussed with him the possible future of the republics of Donbass (even before the special military operation, but in February), he bet that the LPR and the DPR would become part of the Rostov region. I believe that if the LPR and the DPR suddenly become part of Russia, they will receive autonomy (for example, as the Republic of Tatarstan).

V: The Polish government and many of our celebrities and politicians in a manner exceeding the limits of good taste have been (and are) insulting Russia and Russians. Have these actions created negative feelings towards Poles?

S:There can be no hatred towards the Poles themselves, they are not to blame for what their government is doing. Hatred of the Polish government is present, from recent news: “Polish flags on memorials in the Tver and Smolensk regions were removed, because in modern political conditions, the placement of state symbols of Poland is inappropriate. This was stated at the Museum of Modern History of Russia.” Even in football, the Polish leadership began to be treated badly, you may know that this year the World Cup will be held in Qatar. Russia could have gone to this World Cup, but it had matches against Poland and 2 more matches, depending on the results. The Polish football leadership refused to play with Russia (which, according to the rules, is a technical defeat), but after Sweden followed Poland’s example, so FIFA removed the Russian national team. “Sport outside politics” has long ceased to be the rule.

Polish flag removed from the mast in the museum in Katyn /

V: In your opinion, is it possible to repair Russia’s relationship with the collective West, and if so, what would have to happen for that to happen?

S: As Vladimir Ilyich Lenin said: “The capitalists themselves will sell us the rope on which we will hang them.” The West, imposing sanctions, suffers more from them than Russia. Numerous news about price increases, including in the United States, about protests in NATO countries confirm this. Russia does not even need to try to improve relations, because Western countries themselves will ask for it. Russia is a resource-rich country and its contribution to the world economy is very large. Therefore, you just need to wait and the relationship will be restored.

V: Thank you for the interview.

You can also read the interview in Polish: –

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